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SI. No Building
Rule No
Description Minimum Requirement

1 (a)


 Building Accessible to

 a)Low Tension electric Line
 b)High Tension electric Line

 Building not Accessible to

 a)Low Tension electric Lines
 b)High Tension electric Lines

Horizontal Clearance Vertical Clearance

1.50 m
1.75 m


1.25 m
1.25 m

4.50 m
4.50 m


2.50 m
2.50 m

1 (b) 5(4)  Building should be away from the
 Railway land boundary
30 m
2(a) 6(1)

 Minimum width of site for dwelling

 Minimum extent of site for dwelling

6 m

90 Sq.m.

2(b) 6(4)  For constructing Prayer hall or Building for
 Religious purpose
Prior Permission from the District collector should be obtained
2(c) 6(5)  Clearance from the Burial ground for
 dwelling purpose building
90 m
3 7  Clearance from the Water resources like
 reservoir, well, channel, river, pond
15 m
4 9  Height of basement from existing ground
 level for the buildings
45 cm
5(a) 11 (2)(a)  Building line from the road edge
 i.e. Front open space
5(b) 11(3)

 Permissible height of building

 1.5 times abutting road width
 Minimum front open space 1.30 m
 1 m for every 0.3 m space left for front open
 (which excludes 1.30 m)


    1. Road Width = 10 m * 1.5 Times = 15 m
    2. Minimum Front Open Space---- = 1.3 m
    3. 1 m for every 0.3 m - - - - - - - -= 2.0 m
    (excluding 1.3 m front open)

Total Permissible Height = 18.30 m
5(c) 11(4)  Space kept as open to sky for buildings for dwelling 1/4 th area of total area
of the plot
7(a) 13(1)(a)  Height of roof from the floor for Habitable room,
 excluding kitchen, bath and store
2.75 m
(b) 13(1)(b)  Minimum extent of habitable room 7.50 Sq. m.
(c) 13(1)(c)  Minimum Width of habitable room 2.50 m
(d) 13(2)  Minimum Extent
 For bath Room
 For Water closet
 For combined "Bath & WC" or "Toilet"

1.50 m * 1.20 m
0.90 m * 1.20 m
1.50 m * 1.80 m
8 (a) 14(1)  Minimum ventilation space for every habitable room 1/8 th floor area of the room
(b) 14(2)  Ventilation adjoining corridor
 Width of corridor maximum 3.75 m width with
 fully opened and abutting an open space of twice
 the width of corridor or minimum of 1.75 m
(c) 14 (3)  Window or Ventilator should be abutting an
 open space area
2.50 m * 1.75 m
open space
(d) 14(6)  Laboratories and bath rooms should have
 windows and Ventilators of not less than 0.5 Sq.m.
 abutting open space area
1.75 m * 2.5 m
open space
9(a) 15(2)(c)  Stair case steps
 Maximum Height of steps (rise)
 Maximum Width of steps (tread)

17.5 cm (max.)
25.0 cm (max.)
(b) 15(3)  Minimum width of Door opening
 Entrance & Exit of Room
 Kitchen, Bath, Toilet door width

1.0 m (min)
0.6 m (min)
  0.75 m (min)
10 17  Sufficient arrangements should be made for the
 drainage of storm water, Sewage from the premises
11    Rain water harvesting arrangements should be
 made in the premises