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Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission
Status of Detailed Project Reports

Sl. No Name of Project Estimated Cost
Rs. in lakhs
Whether DPR Prepared Whether DPR submitted to GoI
or not
If not submitted to GoI, the reasons therefore Name of the consultancy
Probable date of Submission of DPR.
1. Additional water supply scheme
Pillur-II Scheme
11374.00 Yes Yes DPR approved by CSMC on 28-12-06 Detailed Estimate send to CMA office for Technical Sanction
2. Underground sewerage system 44364.00 Yes Yes DPR submitted to TUFIDCO Through CMA, Chennai M/s National Consultancy for planning & Engineering, Hyderabad.
3. Solid Waste Management 9650.95 Yes Yes DPR has been approved by MOUD Government of India on 2-2-07 (Preparation of Tender documents under progress) M/s Infrastructure Professional Enterprise (P) Limited, New Delhi.
4. Storm water drains, desilting of natural drains 20000.00 No No Interim report submitted by the Consultant. M/s Mott Mac Donald Private Limited, Chennai.DPR to be submitted by 31.05.2007
5. Preservation of water bodies 12705.80 Yes Yes DPR submitted to TUFIDCO through C.M.A. Chennai M/s AFPRO, Bangalore.
6. Traffic & Transportation inclusive of Roads, Bus Rapid Transit system, and Flyovers 63700.00 No No Draft Design and Estimates submitted by the Consultant on 7-05-2007 M/s Willbur Smith Associates, Bangalore.
7. Multi Level car Parking 7000.00 No No Re tender for RFP were called for on 30-03-07. 4 received Proposals are to be evaluated.
8. Basic services to the Urban Poor 25876.30 Yes Yes DPR has been approved by MOUDGovernment of India for Phase I, II on 28-02-07 and 21-03-07 respectively M/s Infrastructure Professional Enterprises (P) Limited, New Delhi.
Urban Renewal
9. Construction of New Bus Terminal
at Mettupalayam Road
700.00 Yes Yes Proposal sent to Ministry of Urban Development, Government of India, New Delhi awaited for sanction. Under PPP.
10. 1. GIS 400.00 No No Under progress by TNUDP III
2. E-Governance 100.00 No No Re tender for RFP were called for on 30-03-07. 3 received Proposals are to be evaluate.
Non-Municipal Infrastructure
1. Housing - Tamil Nadu
Slum Clearance Board
281.49 Yes Yes Proposals submitted by TNSCB for the construction of 3840 houses in two locations for resettlement of slum dwellers in the water bodies. DPR submitted by TNSCB for
Phase I , II, III for Rs. 96.46 lakhs has been approved by
MoUD on February 2007