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Coimbatore City Municipal Corporation - Engineering

 This department is headed by the City Engineer to assist the Commissioner. There are two Executive Engineers, E.E (west) for west and south zones and E.E (east) for east and north zones. There is one Assistant Executive Engineer for each of the four zones and a Junior / Assistant Engineer for every two divisions. The engineering department is responsible for undertaking development works and maintenance of roads, water supply, drainage, sewerage systems, street lights and buildings of the Corporation. Apart from the above, there is one schemes in the main office to clear the General Engineering related subjects. 

The details under each item of works are given below:


    The Corporation maintains a large network of roads within the city which are as follows:

Interior B.T Roads

531.11 kms

A.C.Roads (Bus Routes)

70.00 kms

Earthen roads

36.98 kms

C.C Pavements & Foot Paths

66.01 kms


704.1 kms


       Construction of new administrative buildings and new school buildings and maintenance of all old buildings are being undertaken regularly. New roadside parks, islands, center media are being constructed and maintained every year. Construction of a new Bus stand and a boat house at Singanallur, have already been completed and put into use. 

Street Lights

      The Corporation is maintaining over 28,173 numbers of street lights comprising 22,723 sodium vapour lamps and 5,437 and light fittings. 13 high mast sodium vapour lamps have been installed. 7 No.Of solar photovoltaic street lights have been provided at a cost of 2 Lakhs. In the course of last one year period 1000 Tube Light have been converted into Sodium Vapour Lights. The conversion of Tube Light into sodium vapour Lights is being done in a phased manner from 98 - 99 to 2002 - 2003.

Water Supply and Drainage

  1. Water Supply

          There are two major sources of supply of drinking water to Coimbatore City: Siruvani and Pillur schemes.The city is getting daily 87 MLD (million litres per day) from Siruvani and 66 MLD from Pillur. The corporation is maintaining the distribution of water supply. At present, the supply of drinking water is maintained at 150 litres per capita per day (lpcd). The entire supply of water from Siruvani is by gravity whereas pumping is being done in the Pillur scheme. At present Distribution of water supply is made once in 2 days. A seperate schema to augment Pillur water supply to the Coimbatore Corporation is under consideration.

  2. Drainage

          To improve the per capita supply, additional infrastructure is being constructed by Tamil Nadu Water supply and Drainage (TWAD) Board with loan from Tamil Nadu Urban Development Fund (TNUDF) and Housing and Urban Development Corporation (HUDCO).

Details of Water Supply Infrastructure

 Number of domestic meter connections


 Number of Non-domestic meter connections


 Number of tap connections


 Number of Public fountains


 Length of distribution main

 556.365 kms

  1. Drainage

    The corporation maintains 603.50 kms of storm water drains. About 40 kms of new storm water drains are being constructed and added every year.

  2. Under Ground Drainage

    There are 19,897 house sewer connections. It is proposed to extend underground drainage system to the added areas at a cost of Rs.250 Crores. Which is awaiting the council's approval for the methodalogyin funding the project.

  3. Charges for services

    The levy of water charges is under stepped tariff system from 1.10.94. The corporation is levying the following service charges:
    1. New Water Supply Connection: Rs.2000
    2. Charges for Underground drainage connection:


    Sewerage connection Charges

    Based on property Tax

    One time Sewerage collection charges to be collected at the time of new connections.



    Rs. 300



    Rs. 300 - 1000



    Rs. 1000 - 5000



    Rs. 5000






  4. Sewage Farms

    The Corporation has two sewage farms covering an extent of 815 acres: Ukkadam (115 acres) and Vellalore (700 acres). The Corporation has undertaken an ambitious programme of tree plantation in an area of about 150 acres in the Vellalore sewage farm with the help of the state forest department. Around 55,000 saplings have already been planted.