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Coimbatore City Municipal Corporation - Public Health

Public Health department is headed by the City Health Officer to assist the Commissioner. The main activities of this department are detailed below:

  1. Solid Waste Management.
  2. Urban Health Posts.
  3. Dispensaries.
  4. Birth and Death.
  5. Dangerous and Offensive Trades.
  6. Prevention of Food Adulteration License.
  1. Solid Waste Management 

    All the streets in 72 wards are divided in day blocks and swiped through 2457 scavengers of this Corporation. All the garbage collected is removed through tractors engaged in hire basis by this Corporation to the compost yard at Vellalore.

  2. Urban Health Posts

    This corporation  running 20 Urban  health posts  and 2  maternity centers. Through these 22 centers the following services are rendered to the Public.

    1. Antenatal care on  all Tuesdays.

    2. Delivery  facilities  around the clock.

    3. Immunization activities on all Wednesdays 

        (BCG,DPT,OPV,TT,DT) and distribution of Vitamin ‘A’ solution

    4. Family welfare clinics in all days.

    5. Distribution of FST tabs for adolescent girls from  11 to 19  yrs  of age on all


    6. IUD insertion and distribution of Oral pills and conventional contraceptive in all the

        22 Centers

    7. Sterilization Operation facility in six Health posts

    8. Ultra - Sound Scan facility in 6 Health Posts

      Instruments Available


  3. Dispensaries

    There are 11- Allopathic, 3 - Ayurvedic, 2 - Siddha  dispensaries are functioning in this corporation. All these dispensaries are treating patients as out-patients for All minor ailments.

    T.B. Microscopic sputum test facility is available.

    T.B. Drugs issued in all centers.

    Public HealthLaboratory

    The following test activities are available on free of cost.

    1.Blood test.

    2.Urine test.

    3.Sputum test.

    4.Seman test. 

    ECG test available in this Lab on payment of Rs.10/- for the patients referred by corporation Medical officers and at Rs.40/- for the patients referred by other private doctors.

  4. Birth and Death

    Under the registration of Births and Deaths Act 1969 (Act No.18 of 1969) and the Tamil Nadu Registration of Births and Deaths Rules 2000 all vital events occurring in this town should be registered at the concerned Births and Deaths Registration Unit within 21 days of each occurrence.

    The births and deaths registers are available from 1871 onwards.  Births and Deaths extracts will be issued to the applicants as detailed below:

    Request for Births & Deaths Certificates for the current year and for last 5years.

    Application form is available at zonal offices on payment of Rs. 12/-.   One rupee court fee stamp should be affixed on every application. The filled in application will be received  at zonal offices. The extracts will be issued with in 7 days on receipt of applications.





                                      Sanitary Inspector




                          Sanitary Inspector/Record clerk





    Births &Deaths Certificates request for more then six years.

    An application for request of Births & Deaths Certificates  is  available at corporation main office on payment of Rs.12/-. One rupee court fee stamp should be affixed in the application. The filled in application will be received  at City Health Officer’s office. The certificates will be issued within 7 days.

       For corrections, belated registration of child name and late registration.      :  20 days.



                                     Statistical Assistant


               City Health Officer / Assistant City Health Officer


                                         Record clerk


                   City Health Officer / Assistant City Health Officer





    Births& Deaths Certificates through Posts.

                  A Fee of  Rs. 50/- for 2 copies  and Rs. 5/- for every additional copy. The certificates will be send through V.P.P. on request, in addition to the regular fee along with the V.P.P charges.

                          Search  fee                           Rs.12/-

                          Granting extract                    Rs.38/-

  5. Dangerous and Offensive Trades

    All the D&O Traders should obtain licenses from this office on payment of prescribed fee before 45 days of the commencement of the trade. All the traders should renew the license every financial year.  The defaulters should remit an extra payment as penalty of 25% of the licence fee of the particular trade.

                The applicant who applied for more than one trade in a single premises has to pay the highest fee among the trade fees collected in the premises.  If an electric motors is available in the same premises a separate fee shall be collected.

    Request for D&O Trade License.

                There is a printed application  available in all the 4 Zonal Offices. The cost of each application is Rs.5/-.The filled in applications are received at zonal offices for scrutiny. The prescribed fee should be remitted for each trade on intimation to the applicant. The applications so received will be sent to concerned clerks in zonal offices. The clerk will send the applications to the concerned Sanitary Inspectors for remarks. The Sanitary Inspectors will inspect and submit their remarks to the Assistant Commissioner through concerned Zonal sanitary Officers. The recommended trade licenses will be issued to the applicants in zonal offices.

     The process is as follows.





                                         Sanitary Inspector


                                    Zonal Sanitary Officer


                                  Assistant Commissioner


                       The time limit for process is as follows.

                        1. Processing of application.                  ..           7 days.

                        2. Intimation for remittance of fees.       ..           30 days.

                        3. Issue of  License.                              ..           45 days.


  6. Prevention of Food Adulteration License

               If a trade deals with edible articles the PFA license has to be obtained on payment of the following fees:

                For Fresh license            ..           Rs.25/-

                For Renewal                   ..           Rs.15/-

     P.F.A. Licence.       

                 There is an application on payment of Rs. 5/- will be issued at all four zonal offices. The fee for P F A license is Rs. 25/-.  The application received at zonal offices  will be sent to concerned clerks in zonal offices and in turn sent to the Sanitary Inspectors for remarks.  If the Sanitary Inspector recommends  for issue of license the application will be sent to City Health Officer for issue of license .City Health Officer will issue the license. The process is given below:





                                         Sanitary Inspector


                                    Zonal Sanitary officer


                                    City Health Officer

                        The time limit for process is as follows:

    1.     Processing of application.        .. 7 days.

    2.     Intimation for remit the fee.   .. 30days.

    3.     Issue of license.                    .. 45 days.


                A zoo is maintained by this Corporation, which is the only one such in entire South India. The inhabitants of the zoo are 300 animals belong to 40 species.  The entry fee for the zoo is Rs.3/- for adult and Rs.2/- for child.  A toy train is also available in this VOC Park and the fare for ride is Rs.2/- for adult and Re.1/- for child.

                There are two slaughter houses in Coimbatore Municipal Corporation.  A Corporation Veterinary Officer supervises and ensures that the slaughter is made under hygienic condition.

     Request for Sullage Lorry

                 The  cost of application is Rs 5/-. The charges for one trip for residential house is Rs.250/-, for the Apartment Rs.750/- and for the commercial building Rs.1000/-

     Sanitary Certificate

                  The requisition along with Rs.25/- remitted in zonal offices shall be collected in the concerned offices. These applications will be sent to the City Health Officer for inspection. The City Health Officer will issue certificate within 7 days.