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Water Connection

1. Supply of application form for new service connections on payment at information center in Zonal Offices.

All days between 10 AM - 3.30 PM.

2. Acceptance of Application

Same day.

3. Information to applicant in case of deficiency in application form.

Within one week.

4. Issue of orders for new service connection.

Within 30 days.

Water Connection Complaints

Attend to complaints

At A.E.E. Division Offices

Phone No.
Gandhi Park - 2471009     MSR - 2511911
Bharathi Park - 2442236   Sungam - 2312267
Round the clock           Singanallur - 2573172

8.00 A.M - 5.00 P.M

Replacement of defective Water Meter

Within 7 days from date of issue of notice from JE / AE.

Complaint regarding leakages in Main Water Supply line.

Shall be attended within 48 hours.

Complaint of contaminated water/quality of water

Shall be attended within 48 hours.

Complaint of failure of pumping system in subways.

Will be attended on the same day between 8 AM - 5.00 P.M