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C.F No:24

Cost of form: Rs. 25/-
Coimbatore Corporation
Application Form for New Under Ground Drainage
Name of the Plumber to which the work allotted:


License No:





1. Date of issue of the application :


2. Name and Address of the Applicant:



3. Address to which the communication to be sent:




Details to be collected from Town Planning Section
a. Details of Building Plan Approval:


b. Details of Deviation:


c. Installation license No: (if it industries)


d. Copy of latest provided for receipt copy enclnd details:


e. Details of appeal plan received:


f. If temporary connection is recommended, period may be specified:


* Cost of Formn : Rs.25/-
* Cost of Service:
Sewerage Connection Charges

Based on property Tax
One time Sewerage collection charges to be collected at the time of new connections.
Domestic Commercial
Rs. 300 1250 2400
Rs. 300 - 1000 4500 10000
Rs. 1000 - 5000 9000 17500
Rs. 5000 14500 24000
Annually 4968 10180f