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C.F No.22

Cost of Form Rs.10/-


Coimbatore Corporation
Water Supply And Drainage Section
Application for Name Transfer for Service Connection

The Commissioner,
Coimbatore Corporation.
I / We wish to inform that the following water supply house service connection is of my / house. Hence I / We request you to transfer the service connection in my / our name.
Details of Water Supply House Service Connection:
1. House Service Connection Assessment No: 
2. In whose name the house service connection at present:
3. To whom name the house service connection to be transferred?
4. Whether the house service connection is under Domestic / Non-Domestic use
5. Door No:
6. Ward No. and Name of street:
7.Property tax name transfer order no & date:
8. If the name transfer order not available basis under which the transfer is requested:
9. Whether the water charges paid in full without arrears up to the last meter reading:
10. Name of the applicant with address:



  1. I / We assure that I / We will abide by the rules and pay that water charges regularly by using my / our house service connection continuously.
  2. I / We assure that I / We will abide by the rules and regulations framed under water supply laws and Coimbatore City Municipal Corporation Act, 1981.
  3. I / We assure that the water supplied through my / our house service connection will not be supplied to others and also misused to other purposes as per water supply rules.
  4. I / We also certified that the particulars furnished in this applications are true to the best of my / our knowledge.
Signature of the Applicant
* Cost of Form   : Rs.10/-
* Cost of Service: Free