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C.F No:2


Cost of Form Rs.10/-

Coimbatore Corporation
Application for Registration of Property Transfer Details in Corporation Tax Registers
The Commissioner,
Coimbatore Corporation .
Sir, In accordance with Coimbatore Corporation law 1981, section 128, the property described below has been transferred to Mr.________________________ , as specified in column 7.
1. Name and Number of the Corporation division where property is located :
2. Street name and Door No where property is located :
3. Number and name of the road :
4. Boundary details of the place where property is located



: : : : :
5. Nature of Transfer              (Property share / Donation / Inherited property) :
6. Sales Amount  :
7. Present Owner of the Property  :
8. Previous Owner (s) of the land  :
9.a. Property transfer document number & date as entered in register office  b. Date & No. of nomination document issued by Thasildhar  :


Signature and address of the person transferring the property



Signature and address of the person whose property is being transferred
Note :
1. This Application should be sent to the Corporation, after document registration at the registrar office, either within three months from date of registration or within twelve months of dividing the property.
2. Persons failing to produce property transfer details or Xerox copies of documents are liable to pay a fine of not more than Rs. 50/-
3. Current half-yearly tax fees should be paid before application and copies of bills should be provided along with it.
4. If the property is inherited, nomination certificate and death certificate obtained from Corporation is to be provided
5. Copies of property transfer documents are to be attached .Copies of parent document is to be provided at the time of enquiry.
6. If the document is more than ten years old , encumbrance certificate issued by the registration office is to be provided.
7. If the property is to be transferred to either to the head of the family or one of the nominee’s name, witness before notary is to be provided.

* Cost of Form   : Rs.10/-
* Cost of Service: Free