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C.F No.15 Cost of Form Rs.2/-
Coimbatore Corporation
Application for Certified Copy of Approved Plan.



To The Commissioner,
Coimbatore Corporation.

Sub : Coimbatore Corporation - Town Planning Section - Certified copy of approved plan - requested - regarding.

Ref : Proceedings of the Commissioner, Coimbatore Corporation B.L.No.________ / 93 H Date ________________
I request you to kindly issue certified copies of approved plans sanctioned as per proceedings cited in the reference. I enclose here with copies of plans. The required fees have been remitted in the Corporation treasury today. A xerox copy of approved plan is also enclosed herewith for ready reference.
Encl.: Copy of Approved Plan
Signature of the Applicant
Notice: Correct & Permanent address shall be given so as to sent communication.
* Cost of Form : Rs.2/-
* Cost of Service: Rs.10/- per copy