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Ooty / Kodaikkanal

Called the 'Queen of the Hill Stations', picturesque, green Udhagamandalam better known as Ooty is the most popular hill station in the south.

Botanical Gardens

A variety of exotic and ornamental plants adorn this garden which is the venue for the flower show held in May every year. There is a fossil tree trunk, which is 20 million years old.


This artificial lake was constructed in 1824 by Mr.John Sullivan, the then collector of Coimbatore. Boating is possible from 0800 hrs to 1800 hrs on all days. The lake garden and toy train rides are other attractions.

Government Museum

The government museum, Mysore Road, Udhagamandalam has items of tribal objects, ecological details and representative sculptural arts and crafts of Tamilnadu.

The Mukurthi Peak & Mukurthi National Park

Mukurthi peak is about 40 Km from Udhagamandalam. The Mukurthi National park is located on the southeastern corner of the Nilgiris plateau. The area contains a viable population of Nilgiri Tahr(Hamitragus hilocrius). The Silent Valley is located on the western side of these ranges. Fascinating feature of the Mukurthi Sanctuary is its endemism and relationship with the Himalayan flora and fauna.


Situated about 21 Km on the Udhagamandalam - Mysore road, Pykara has Toda settlements, well-protected fenced sholas, undisturbed grassy meadows and a rich wildlife habitat. The Pykara Dam and the reservoir attracts many tourists.

Glenmorgan (17 Km)

There is an electricity board (E.B.) Winch that carries staff from Glenmorgan view point to the power house at Singara. All four Km of the Winch track passes through undisturbed sholas and wild life habitat. Prior permission of E.B. authorities should be obtained to enter the view point zone. There are about ten Toda (tribal) settlements.

Upper Bhavani

Ten Km from Korakundah and about twenty Kms from Avalanche. Some of the best sholas like the Thar Shola lies en route. The area is an undisturbed wildlife habitat. From Bangithappal via Sispara, one can trek to the Silent Valley.


Located at a distance of 28 km from Udhagamandalam, there is a beautiful lake, which is surrounded by thick Shola. There are places where the shola is so thick, that even sunlight does not penetrate!


This is the highest peak (2623m) in the Nilgiris and is 10 Km from Udhagamandalam. It lies at the junction of Western and Eastern ghats and offer beautiful vistas of the Nilgiri hill ranges. There is a telescope house run by the TTDC.

Highlighting Features

 Hang Gliding

Udhagamandalam has a miniature railway connecting it with the lowlands. The trains with their quaint yellow and blue carriages are not as tiny as they seem. The unique feature of this line is the toothed central rail onto which the locomotives lock on steeper slopes. Also unusual is the little locomotive, which is at the back, pushing rather than pulling from the front. Each of the three or four carriages has its own braking man, who sits on a little platform of each carriage and, whenever appropriate, waves a red or green flag.


It is located 19 Km from Udhagamandalam on the way to Coimbatore. It is the second largest hill station in the Nilgiris. It stands on a lower ridge of the plateau at an altitude of 1858m.

Dolphin's Nose - 12 Km from Coonoor. While you enjoy the climate, you can also take a glimpse of the Catherine falls from here.

Lamb's Rock (8 Km.) - The Lamb's rock is a sheer precipice of several hundred metres and commands a good view of the Coimbatore plains.

Law's Falls (7 Km.) - It is situated in the ghats of the Coonoor forest range. The height of the falls is about 180 feet.

St. Catherine Falls - Located 8 Km from Coonoor. These falls are breathtakingly beautiful.

Sim's Park - This park-cum-botanical gardens contains many species of trees not found in Udhagamandalam. The annual fruit and vegetable show is held in May.