Smart Cities Mission
Smart cities challenge

Smart Cities Challenge
“Smart City Coimbatore”
Coimbatore’s citizen engagement platform

City Plans  

A.Comprehensive Mobility Plan (Draft final report)-Final  

B.slum-free city action plan-Final  

C.City Development Plan of Coimbatore-Final  

D.Solar City Plan-Final  

Other City Info And Case Studies  

A.Tamil nadu Municipal Ordinance on RWH  

B.Case Study- Successful implementation of PPP in SWM  

Smart City Related  

A.“Shape Your City” workshop - Report for formulating City Vision  

B. Social Media Links and Screenshots  

C. Finalized agenda_Technology Solutions Workshop_8Oct  

D.Presentation used for steering Round I Consultations  

E. Citizen Pulse Survey Questionnaire  

F. Report on City wide Concept Plan  

G. Presentation during State Review - I  

H. Presentation used for steering Round II Consultations  

I. Pan-city poll questionnaire  

J. Presentation during State Review – II  

K. Findings of Citizen Engagement  

L. Press coverage – select clippings  

M. Consultations – select photographs  

N. Details collected from TANGEDCO  

O.Area based proposal – Baseline information on wards covered  

P. Financial Plan-charts